We had a very good experience at MAHER right from the time we decided to have a baby and were not able to conceive. With her excellent communication skills, Dr Madhuri patiently answered all our queries and made us feel at ease .She has tremendous dedication. She is a very intelligent, genuine and experienced gynaec and rather than advising us to opt for procedures like IUI/IVF, she advised a course of injections for my wife.

Immediately my wife conceived and we are proud parents of a baby boy delivered in MAHER on 2nd Oct 2008. The visiting consultants are also highly experienced and qualified. The support staff is also very co-operative , soft spoken and genuinely cares for you. The hospital is clean and hygienic and neatly maintained too. Maher is truly a 'home away from home'. I am really happy that we chose Dr Madhuri Sakhardande because it guaranteed us peace of mind. I wish her and entire Maher staff all the best and hope they scale new heights in future.


It was the most happiest moment that we were blessed with a healthy son Rusheel under the ultimate professional care and warmest personal touch of Dr. Madhuri Sakhardande.

Experience at Maher:

1) Prompt reminders during regular health check-ups.

2) Useful and informative timely health and dietary advices.

3) Round the clock support.

4) Immediate response and efficient medical attention during emergencies.

5) Deployment of state-of-the-art gadgets and well sterilized instruments.

6) Well trained and extremely supportive staff nurses.

7) Comfortable and extremely hygienic ambiance with a homely atmosphere.

 Above all, highly professional doctor (Dr. Madhuri Ma'am) with immense subject knowledge and most needed personal touch.


I know Dr. Madhuri Sakhardande both as a doctor as well as personal friend. She is highly sensitive to her patient's need and a very trustable person indeed. She is also extremely dedicated to her profession.

Many times I found her going beyond the call of the duty when it comes to the well-being of her patients. We have seen her putting tremendous efforts to build Maher as her dream project and she deserves every accolades that come her way today. Her positive attitude has positively impacted her staff members . At Maher, you are always made to feel comfortable during your every visit. She keeps herself updated with the latest developments in her own space of Gynecology. Her dedication to the medical profession and her care and commitment to the patients provides her the edge of TRUST beyond many other practicing gynecologist.


When I delivered my baby (way back in December 2002), MAHER was not yet up and running. Dr.Madhuri was a consulting doctor at Vishwas hospital then. She was quite a young doctor then, but right from the beginning I was sure that I would be safe under her care.

My labor started at midnight & I recollect having called up Dr. Madhuri at around 2.30 AM. Dr.Madhuri and her husband Mr.Sukumar picked me up personally from our house in their car and took me to the hospital. She was with me for 18 long hours till my son was born. I recollect having pestering her for a C-section when I could no longer endure the pain, but she stayed firm that I could deliver the 'normal' way & indeed I did. During my stay in the hospital, I saw her communicate with a range of patients - both elite as well as those belonging to a relatively poor economic background. The way she could communicate the problem and explain the solution differently depending on the background of the patient was really amazing. Till date, I always consult her for any gynaecological query I have. Infact I do not have a gynaec in Bangalore anymore. Thank you Dr.Madhuri and good luck to MAHER.


I have been associated with Maher Hospital from last 8 to 9 years. Maher Hospital has been always my next home in a sense that, be it a medical treatment or assisting in my last minute piece of advice, Madhuri Mam has always been supportive in responding to all my doubts and clarification from her busy schedule.

She is a marvellous person to have around with such a dynamic personality. The hospital staff is equally on toes for you at the hospital. I admire her quality of medical service she is providing along with her multi talented dynamic personality. Happy to be associated with Mams hospital and will continue to seek her advice from time to time. Wishing Madhuri Mam all the best and continue spreading smiles to people


Dear Dr Madhuri & Staff, We would like to say a big thank you for looking after me for the duration of my pregnancy and for the safe delivery of our healthy & gorgeous son Reyansh born 08/05/ were a great support throughout the last stages of labour.

We are thrilled to have a baby boy and thank you for helping to bring him to us. He has brought much joy to all our family! Thanks for your warm care & helpful advice . Also thanks for the hospital visits. Much appreciated all your help.


Maher hospital is the best maternity hospital available in vartak nagar Thane.We have been blessed with a baby girl recently at Maher Hospital.Hospital staff is very cooperative specially at night.

Antenatal care by Dr. Madhuri Sakhardande is really great which leads to normal deliveries in most of the cases.We are quite happy with our experience at Maher hospital.


Maher maternity has been a boon in my life and Dr Madhuri is a divine. Because of her I was blessed to have my son after trying so much.

She is a blessing in disguise she was a true guide and mentor through out my pregnancy.Happy to have her as my Dr. I owe my son Aarav to her. I wish Maher Maternity best of luck


Very excellent hospital. Healthy approach towards the patients, treatment for her betterment along with child. Staff is also good n caring.

One word about Maam, she is amazing and very very excellent in her profession. The name itself gives lot of comfort to a woman in pain also.


I share a great comfort level with Dr Madhuri and I'm totally at peace knowing she is there to guide me. The treatment and diagnosis is spot on.

I wouldn't think twice before recommending her to anyone. The staff is very professional and sweet. Everything is clean and very well maintained. All the very best to Maher!!!


It was an amazing experience at Maher during my pregnancy. Homely treatment and personal attention is given by each and every staff. Dr Madhuri treats her patients in a very polite manner. She understands the smallest need of her patients. Her excellent experience and personal touch helps her to deal with patient's problems.

I also thank Dr Minal Gadgil (anaesthetist) for her support during my labour. Epidural analgesia was used and it helped me to experience painless labour. I would love to recommend the same to all the would be mothers. Believe me it is safe and there are no side effects. It made my labour very comfortable and relaxing. MAHER is indeed a second home for me and will always be. KEEP IT UP !